There is a permanent exhibition of Klimt’s atelier – the only one of its kind for this great artist – conceived by Oliver Schreiber under the auspices of the National Landmarks Commission and developed and realized by the architect, Eduard Neversal and the Klimt Society.  It’s run by the Trust of Artistic and Healing Education. Creator and curator, Eduard Neversal: „The original rooms of the last atelier of Gustav Klimt in the Feldmühlgasse, Number 11 in Hietzing were identified after scrupulous investigations and were restored to their historical condition – right down to the wall colors and surfaces.  We wanted to revive the atmosphere and décor that must have prevailed in the studios from 1911 to 1918.  Furniture reconstruction in the waiting room and studios was carried out with reliance on photos by Moriz Nähr and available samples of furnishings (for example, carpets).  In other rooms of the atelier, various media – old newspapers, etc. – provide information about significant models and “clients” from this period of Klimt’s creativity.