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The Klimt Villa

In the Vienna outskirts of Hietzing, in a quiet location between residential buildings, there is a villa designed mainly in the neo-baroque architectural style with a spacious garden. In this location Gustav Klimt worked on some of his most important works from 1911 until his death in 1918.

The Exhibition

Especially in Vienna, but also worldwide, Klimt seems omnipresent. His art has become common property. Everything that was lost in connection with his works and his life will be forgotten: looted art, art that has been returned, art that has disappeared and countless stories about collectors, perpetrators and victims.

The Klimt Villa Shop

We have not received any financial support from the public purse since we opened. If you would like to support us now in the Corona crisis, you can order hand-embroidered protective masks from Klimt’s great-granddaughter Brigitte Huber or unlimited admission tickets for the Klimt Villa in our shop.

The Klimt Sculpture

The sculpture created by the painter and sculptor Erwin Kastner was placed on the south side of the Klimt Villa in the anniversary year 2022. The sculpture shows the painter prince Gustav Klimt as a sketch and casts his shadow on the facade of the Klimt Villa as the sun changes.

The "Klimt Villa-Rose"

The heart of our garden are Damask roses, which were planted on the property around 1900. The so-called Klimt Villa Rose was bred by a Viennese garden expert. 22 floors have already been exposed in the course of the partial reconstruction of the garden.

The Garden Café

On fine weather days from May to September, bistro tables in the shade of magnificent chestnut trees in the garden of the Klimt Villa invite you to linger and enjoy coffee and cake. The Garden Café, which has been open since 2021, is accessible to guests during the museum’s opening hours and also allows visitors to visit the garden. 

Klimt Villa Newsletter

Klimt Villa SHOP

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